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Experienced Equities Trader
Title:Experienced Equities Trader
Department:SMB Capital
Location:New York City Office
“You can be better tomorrow than you are today!”- Mike Bellafiore, The PlayBook

SMB Capital, in a “JV” (joint venture) with Kershner Trading Group in NYC, is looking for experienced US Equities Traders with a strong track record, who seek capital and technology to build their trading business.  Our technology will help you play more offense and make more PnL: proprietary execution platform, custom filters, single stock scripts and automated trading.

The SMB Capital - Kershner Trading Group JV provides all capital and a PnL firm infrastructure to in-house traders, who actively trade stock instruments in financial markets. Traders share the profits from their trading activity with the firm. Each trader sets their own style and strategy, but in general, traders buy and sell in U.S. equity, options, and futures markets on both a manual and automated basis. Compensation in this role is based fully on an individual trader's performance.

The JV provides unique opportunities to talented, energetic people, rooted in the philosophy that everyone can do more than they realize if they try.  The JV empowers independent thinkers who have the discipline to set long-term goals, the adaptability to “shift gears” but still stay on course, and who are open to being both a student and teacher in a learning organization.

In short, the Experienced Equities Trader role is a chance to join a high-performance team of:

  • experienced traders pushing their skills and adapting to new market opportunities;

  • talented technology professionals developing leading-edge trading and market analytics systems;

  • quantitative/business analysts providing tools and insights to fuel business growth;

  • top-notch support staff who keep everything humming and meet all challenges in a cool, casual atmosphere.

Our JV is currently seeking candidates who are excited about the prospect of pushing their own professional limits. Think you can do more? What are you capable of?

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